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Commercial Buildings

Optimized Air & Surface Protection For All Industries

ActivePure, The next evolution of sustainable indoor air quality and surface disinfection, is the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered! This Space Certified Technology is now available to protect your home or office 24/7 by ActivePure’s powerful continuous technology which is scientifically proven to safely decontaminate 99.98% of pathogens and contaminants, including SARS-CoV-2, in the air and on exposed surfaces without releasing any harmful byproducts.

Where ActivePure Is Used

Public places
Office Buildings
Military facilities


Doctor's offices
Assisted living facilities
Veterinary Clinics
Liberty Bell
Ground Zero Museum
Professional Sports and other athletic facilities



Even the most luxurious hotels have several hotspots where germs from previous guests are not adequately cleaned by housekeeping workers. ActivePure Technology is utilized in hotels across the world and has been proved to lower pollutants levels continuously and consistently.



The military cannot achieve its goals if it is not healthy. ActivePure Technology has been placed in military facilities to keep our enlisted men and women healthy and able to protect our country.


Gyms / Sporting Facilitie

Staph infections can lead to season-ending illnesses at both the collegiate and professional levels. Worse yet. ActivePure Technology has been used in athletic facilities and has been proved to eliminate germs.


Public Places

Anywhere a crowd gathers, there is a risk of viruses spreading among the people in that area. Many areas where you have no choice but to share the air and touch the same surfaces as strangers have employed ActivePure Technology.



In restaurants  one could be exposed to unknown diseases brought in by other customers due to the vast number of people flowing in and out each day and a rushed staff that is frequently not focused on deep cleaning between customers. Many restaurants utilize ActivePure Technology to keep customers and employees healthy and to ensure they are eating and working in a safe environment.


Schools / Libraries / Museums

Learning environments are one of the most common venues for illnesses to spread, and high absentee rates can have an impact on performance. ActivePure Technology has been proven to reduce infections and sick days dramatically.


Office Buildings

Everyone has had the experience of having a coworker show up to work sick, only to fall ill a few days later. ActivePure Technology, which is used in office buildings all over the world, has been found to lower virus and bacterial loads.


Medical Offices / Facilities

Medical clinics struggle with both cleanliness and sanitization as patients rotate through, and medical waiting rooms are a veritable petri dish of pathogens, even when social distancing. ActivePure Technology is a smart solution that reduces contaminants and pollutants that cause sickness.


Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics struggle with both cleanliness and stench, and medical waiting rooms are a veritable petri dish of pathogens. ActivePure Technology is a smart solution that reduces odor and pollutants that cause sickness in both humans and pets.

Nursing Facilities

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise

ActivePure Is Good For Business


Backed By Extensive Efficacy & Safety Testing

ActivePure is backed by scientific research conducted in real-world settings, independent laboratories, and peer-reviewed studies.


Scalable Clean Air & Surface Solutions

ActivePure air quality solutions are designed to be scalable to offer whole-building coverage, from HVAC Induct to portable air purifiers.


Reduce Sick Leave With Continuous Air & Surface Purification

Reduce sick leave by making interior conditions healthier, and reduce the danger of viral transmission in real time.

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